Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Posts to this blog generally require an apology for not having posted in such a long time.

With the last thread I had intended to post the artist statement and the photos I finally chose for the Portfolio Review. I way behind on doing that so here goes.

There is an extremely long story behind the photographs in this portfolio that goes back to the 1960's. I hesitate to tell the story because I have shared it with so many that most everyone knows it. But it started with an article written by Ralph Hattersley Jr in Popular Photography magazine titled Is Photography Your Religion. A sizable portion of my photography comes from that article whether or not the image includes a religious artifact. 

Artist Statement


The Price of Christ

The photographs in this portfolio are personal questions. The photographs are built around two basic elements: a crucifix and a price tag. There are two intended themes to the photographs.
The first theme, the one I was originally photographing, came from an article I read over fifty years ago about a relationship between photography and religion. It discussed finding Christ in everyday situations, in everyday objects and incorporating that into your photography.
The second theme, and the primary theme of this portfolio, was suggested when I photographed a crucifix with a price tag attached. That photograph suggested to me the price that Christ paid for my personal salvation. There are, of course, other relationships that can be drawn between the two elements, which are to a degree determined by the viewer’s belief and their relationship to Christ.